Our hotel, in the heart of the city yet surrounded by Hiroshima's trees, rivers, and castle, is truly a place to relax and refresh. The Hiroshima Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Dome, our regional specialties like Okonomiyaki; all are within walking distance of our facilities. English information and maps are of course available: please inquire at the front desk.
KKR Hiroshima has been operating since 1961. We have both Japanese and Western style rooms available to fit the needs of all our guests.

Japanese-style rooms are traditional tatami rooms.
Please use futon on tatami on bedtime. The accomodation fee is the cheapest in our hotel. The Japanese-style rooms do not have toilets nor bath, so please use the common toilets and public big bath.
The manner of the public big bath
*Do not enter in the bathtub with swimwears. Please use the bath with naked.
*Please bathe hot water before entering the bathtub.
*Do not take towels into the bathtub.
*Please use the bathtub quietly.
*Please get long hair up, not to let it into the bathtub.
*Please return the public facilities after using.
Single room ( no bathroom / toilet )  × 2
Single room ( with bathroom / toilet ) × 4
Exective Single room ( with bathroom / toilet ) × 2
Twin room ( no bathroom / toilet )   × 12
Twin room ( with bathroom / toilet )  × 10
Wide Twin room ( with bathroom / toilet )  × 2
Exective Twin room ( with bathroom / toilet ) × 17
Japanese tatami room ( 9.18㎡ ; no bathroom / toilet)  × 11
Japanese tatami room ( 15.3㎡ ; no bathroom / toilet)  × 2
Delxue Japanese tatami room ( 12.24㎡ ; with bathroom / toilet) × 1
Suite room ( with bathroom / toilet ) × 1

Check - in : 15:00 -
Check - out : - 11:00
We serve buffet style breakfast and about 25 kinds of foods are always prepared. Please enjoy Western and Japanese meal.

Examples: Bread, Croissant, Rice, Salad, Grilled fish, Bacons, Scrambled eggs, Yoghurt, Fruits, Coffee, Juice, Milk and etc.
900 yen per person ( Infants: 500 yen per child)